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Moonbow on April 14th 2014

Merced River and PoppiesPoppies in Merced River Canyon
Poppies exploded along the Highway 140 on the way into Yosemite in past weeks. But they didn’t last long, and spring in the Merced Canyon is changing into summer. Meanwhile in the high country we are still getting some late spring snowfalls.

Guide Ken with Dogwood Blossoms

Here is our guide Ken showing the pink Dogwood blossoms to some of our customers last week.

Vernal Fall  April 2014
As the snow melts every spring, the Merced River swells and the falls are full and very exciting. Here is one of our customers on a tour last week as she stands in front of the 317 foot Vernal Fall.

Merced River

At this location, we like to stop to view the swollen Merced River at this time of the year due to the snow melting in the high mountains.

Moonbow on April 14th 2014

This is a photo of the rare “Moon Bow” at the Lower Yosemite Fall. This event occurred on April 14th and will appear again in May of this year. The conditions have to be just right with a full moon, a clear sky, and lots of snow run-off to make a lot of mist for the “Moon Bow” to appear. This photo was taken at 9:30 pm. Contact us for a custom photo tour of the event coming up in May. This year with our low snow pack, May could be the only month left for viewing and photographing this rare event. Notice the second “Moon Bow,” faintly visible above the main “Moon Bow”.


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