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Black Bear Grazing on Currants3

Currently, the currant bushes along the Glacier Point Road are full of luscious, sweet fruit, and at least one bear, probably a young male, is munching on large quantities of the succulent, ruby-red fruit.Currants2Currants3Currants

The bear that we saw yesterday, Saturday, Sept. 7th was leisurely eating the currants, hardly pausing to chew them down to more digestible pulp, paying scant attention to those of us who were photographing him from a safe distance.

Black Bear Grazing on CurrantsBlack Bear Grazing on Currants2Black Bear Grazing on Currants3

As a result of his scant attention to chewing, his scat was loaded with whole, un-chewed currant fruit.
Currant in bear feces


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