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Bridalveil Fall

Even the Park’s rangers and naturalists are telling folks that there are only 2 waterfalls with water in them: Nevada & Vernal Falls. BUT if one looks closely at Bridalveil Fall, especially around mid-day to early afternoon, you’ll see that there IS water in Bridalveil Fall. If the typical, daily, up-canyon wind has not begun, you can view the sparking waterfall dropping in the sunlight against the dark, stained rock in the shade. If the up-canyon winds are active, you can see that they carry the entire waterfall upward, back into the Bridalveil Creek canyon. At various times, when the volume of water above accumulates such that it can over-power the up-canyon winds, Bridalveil will gush over the lip of the fall and display as lovely a waterfall as you have ever experienced!

Bridalveil Fall


Bridalveil Fall is NOT DRY! (YET! But will it REALLY go dry (this year)? — 21,559 Comments

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